Configure your individual light strip online

With our new online configurator you can easily design LED strip lights perfectly tailored to your project. We mount up to two connection cables and 3 cable bridges (corners) on request.

The standard lengths do not fit?

No problem with iluminize: we offer custom manufacturing for almost all types of our LED strip lights at fair conditions. You only pay for the required working time and material. We calculate the costs already during the configuration for a transparent flat rate. We bear the risk, if it should become more complex.

However, note our Revocation- and Return policy. The products made especially for you are excluded from revocation and return. If you are unsure whether the product fits you, order a standard length beforehand and try it out.

We work up to 3 cable bridges/corners with optional cable length into the light band. You can choose whether a connection cable in your desired length or a second one on the other side of the continuous row are already mounted ready for connection. 

This is what the result might look like, two connecting cables and two cable corners are incorporated.

Example of a possible configuration

Example of a possible configuration

What do we accomplish?

  • Connection cable in desired length

  • Up to 3 cable bridges or corners

  • Second connection cable as desired

  • For IP Nano and IP67 sealing of all cut and solder joints

  • Functionality test

  • Delivery on a reel

How does it work?

In the first step, select your desired product and go to the product page. There you will find a detailed product description and you can set the desired variant of the product using the icons shown in the picture on the right.

In the example on the right, you select the white tone between 2700K and 5000K and the desired protection class. The Ra value is fixed.

Now select the option "KONFIGURATOR" in the category: Length of LED Strips

The start of the editor for the configurator

A gray box for the individual configuration appears. Wait briefly until the "Edit" button is active and click on it.

Die individuelle Anpassung

The editor appears, with which you can set and configure your individual light strip. 

Please check carefully if you have chosen the right variant of the product for you. Due to our automated processes, the production is ordered immediately after you have payed the order. Later changes are not possible.

The structure of a product page

Insights into the configurator

The following image shows an overview of the editor for your individual light strip. There it is possible for you:

  • define a first connection cable (standard) and determine the length in cm

  • indicate whether you want to have one or up to three cable bridges (for corners or bridging gaps)

  • specify a second connection cable incl. the length in cm

  • specify the lengths of the resulting pieces of strip lighting between the cables. You must choose dimensions that are a multiple of the sectional dimension of the strip light.

A second connection cable is useful if the maximum length of the light band is exceeded. A noticeable loss of luminosity then occurs. The second connection cable compensates for this if connected to the same ballast. The length of the light band can then be doubled. You can find more about this in this Blog post.

Ein Beispiel für einen Startbildschirm des Editors

    An example of a start screen of the editor

  By checking or unchecking   ("on" is defined as default for the product) you determine if your individual light strip shall have a connection cable

  By the number of corners/bridges you determine how many intermediate cables we should include. The possible number of corners is limited to a maximum of 3 corners, or even less for certain types. 

  By checking or unchecking   you determine whether your individual continuous row should have a second connection cable. Find out why this can be useful -  click here.

  The input fields above the symbolically indicated cables determine the later length in cm. By pressing the "up/down" buttons you increase/decrease the length by one centimeter.

  The input fields above the symbolically indicated light bands determine the later length in cm. By pressing the "up/down" buttons you increase/decrease the length by one segment length of the strip light. Segments must not be separated in the middle.

  Please note the total length and if there is a green hook  or an orange cross . The cross means that your configuration is too long. We will still make it if you order it that way. You accept the loss of luminosity with your order.

  The table shows how we calculate and what we would charge you at checkout. Please note that we may charge for offcuts. These are percentage calculated sections, which we can no longer use or sell. This usually affects strip lighting that has moisture protection.

Click "Save and return" to complete the configuration and return to the product page. There it is possible to add the product to the shopping cart. Increase the quantity if you need the same piece more than once.

Your selected measurements as well as the price for the customizations are summarized here once again. Also the website shows the number of available units with your individual measurements as well as the price information for one piece. Add it to the shopping cart now.

Start now and configure your light band