Versatile LED profiles

The perfect direct or indirect lighting for your project is achieved by installing the LED light strips in profiles. We offer a wide range of high-quality products from our own production as well as from well-known manufacturers for almost every application.

Why LED profiles?

LED light strips are sensitive to all kinds of environmental influences:

  • Mechanical load

  • Humidity

  • Contact or electromagnetic shock

  • Heat/Warmth

  • UV light

If you install them in suitable LED profiles, the light strips are well protected against the above-mentioned environmental influences. With their straight shape, LED profiles also support accurate guidance of the light strips during bonding. This makes the emitted light appear calmer than when it is bonded to the substrate in slight waves without guidance.

In addition, LED light strips are usually constructed from individual LED chips. If the light is not diffused by a suitable design or diffuser, dots will be visible later.

How do I find the right LED profiles?

The use of LED profiles should be well planned. Since there is now an unmanageable number of different profiles for general or special applications, planning can be quite complex.

On this page we show you an overview of the products we have available. On the detail pages for each individual product, we also give the technical specification of the profile. However, it is not possible to show the detailed design for every conceivable application.

Our experienced planners will be happy to advise you personally and without obligation. Based on your sketch, pictures or a floor plan, they will support you in selecting the suitable profiles for your application.

Please contact our project and customer consulting or make an appointment directly with our consulting team.



LED profiles by application

LED profiles by brands

Indirekte Beleuchtung mit den iluminize LED-Trockenbauprofilen für Schattenfuge und Voute

iluminize | the original

Designed by us in 2018, innovative LED profiles for drywall allow you to quickly and inexpensively create indirect lighting. This works in ceilings and also in pre-built walls, such as a TV wall or behind the bed in the bedroom.

The assembly is optimally adapted to drywall construction with 12.5mm gypsum boards. For spackling or also for visible mounting without painting.

Indirekte Beleuchtung mit Profilen von LED-Profilelement

LED Profilelement

For more than 10 years, LED Profilelement is a very well-known manufacturer of high-quality and innovative LED profiles made of zinc sheet and aluminum. The profiles are used throughout Europe and especially for high-quality lighting concepts.

In particular, the zinc sheet profiles are ideally suited for very filigree ceiling concepts with low overall heights of in some cases only one panel thickness a 12.5mm.

Innovative Profile von PROLED für universelle Anwendung


The pan-European manufacturer MBN with the brand PROLED has a very large variety of high-quality LED profiles made of aluminum for almost all conceivable applications. The profiles are organized in so-called lines with different grid dimensions. The smallest line S-Line has a width of 16 mm, the L-Line 60mm.

A special feature of PROLED profiles is the smooth visible surfaces of the profiles without the usual corrugations or indentations of many competitors.

LED profiles by application