Zigbee curtain actuator 230V with 2 channels | 2A
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Zigbee 3.0 roller shutter actuator Mini for light control, installation in a deep switch box | black

Zigbee 3.0 roller shutter actuator mini for light control, IP20 | Black (New)

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Zigbee 3.0 roller shutter actuator Mini for light control, installation in a deep switch box | black


The innovative Zigbee actuator for shutter control is suitable for all common motors and can therefore also be used for blinds and motor-driven screens.

The actuator behaves in the Zigbee system like a dimmable lamp and adapts the dimming function for opening and closing. It works together with many known Zigbee 3.0 control centers and voice controls.

The excellent compatibility with Philips Hue (and integrated there also with HomeKit) expands your smart home enormously. Together with lamps integrated into a scene, the light can be switched on at the same time as the blinds are closed - and if desired, depending on the time or position of the sun or from the vacation location.

Build this way a -actually not foreseen- Hue shutter control.

With the help of Zigbee remote controls or wall switches for light, the actuators can also be controlled independently of the Smart Home (via Touchlink, Zigbee 3.0).

Now new in version V2: Switch connection via the L-conductor! This innovation now also allows the use of existing electronic shutter switches as well as time controls. In addition, the actuator now supports almost all motors. A "wrong" motor characteristic now no longer leads to failure.


Please note: Our iluminize Zigbee actuators are NOT compatible with wireless remote controls and wireless coordinators!


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    Zigbee 3.0 roller shutter actuator mini for light control, IP20 | Black (New)
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Your price: from 41.93 € 35.64 € 35.64 EUR

41.93 €

You save : 6.29 € (15%)
Price without VAT: 35.64 € | VAT: 0.00 € Price per Units : 0.00 € ( 0.00 € net)
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Zigbee Shutter Actuator Mini - Curtain Up for Innovative Lighting Control 

The new iluminize Zigbee actuator for light control now also controls shutters and blinds. It comes in the usual design and also includes all the necessary functions of the familiar light control. You can operate your blinds both "up" and "down", as you can operate them smartly via app or analog via switch. Thanks to compatibility with many Zigbee coordinators, even blinds and screens will soon be part of your smart home.


The actuator can be connected to Zigbee control panels (e.g. Hue) and remote controls just like a lamp. This advantage saves you the additional purchase of a Zigbee central. Our shutter actuator adapts the known functions (dimming/scenes) for the operation of the shutter control. This results in e.g. the following command:

Control by dimming: less than 30% moves to "close", more than 70% moves to "open".


Bei der Inbetriebnahme muss der Aktor zunächst die Motor-Charakteristik sowie die Endanschläge der Roll-Läden / Jalousien lernen. Dieser Lernvorgang erfolgt über das kurze Drücken der  „Calib“ Taste und ist für zwei Typen verfügbar. 

2 x Drücken bei einfachen Jalousien

4 x Drücken bei Raffstore-Jalousien mit Lamellen

Sollte die Rollladen nach dem ersten Kalibrieren die Endpunkte nicht erkannt haben und ca. 10cm nachlaufen, ist eine zweite Kalibrierung notwendig. Bitte hierfür die Rollladen nach oben sowie nach unten in die Endlagen fahren, sobald die Rolllade gestoppt hat, erneut 1 Mal auf die Taste "Kalibrierung" drücken. Der Aktor erkennt nun die Endpunkte und speichert diese dauerhaft.


Our shutter actuator is intelligent and adapts to the existing motor autonomously. During initialization, it is calibrated to your motor and is also compatible with virtually all motor models. You can also benefit from this advantage with your blinds and screens. For operation, end stops are required and automatically detected. The actuator switches off automatically after reaching the end stop.

Optional switch

A standard roller shutter switch with lock (up/off/down) can be used for analog operation optionally and in parallel to the Zigbee control. In version 2, electronic switches and external timers can also be used.

Fits in the switch box

Thanks to its dimensions of 45 mm x 45x mm x 23 mm, the actuator fits behind the switch in a deep switch box with a depth of 60mm with a little dexterity. Only the actuator, the required cables in minimum length and no other terminals may be present in the box. Mounting in shallow boxes is not possible under any circumstances.

ATTENTION! The actuator may only be used for motor control. The switching capacities according to the instructions (2A per channel = 460W) must not be exceeded.


One of the greatest advantages is the compatibility with many Zigbee central devices such as Philips Hue. This allows you to flexibly expand your smart home and maintain existing systems. You can also benefit from the cooperation with our Zigbee controls (Handheld remote control/wall dimmer) and the Hue Bridge, which you can also find in our store. They are necessary for the operation of the actuator and must be purchased separately.

Advice: The shutter actuator is compatible with Touchlink and offers cooperation with the following Zigbee control panels:

  • Philips Hue Bridge (including HomeKit)

  • Amazon Echo Plus (Alexa)

  • IKEA Homesmart (without HomeKit)

  • Google Assistant

  • Other Zigbee control panels not listed here are very likely to work, but are not guaranteed. If in doubt, please check the questions & answers before buying. We are also happy to help you by phone or email.

Notes on the control

  • The actuator must first be calibrated to the existing motor. To do this, it moves up/down (right/left) several times until it reaches the end stops.

  • After pairing with a Zigbee control panel or a remote control, the shutter actuator is controlled by dimming commands: less than 30% moves "closed", more than 70% moves "open".

  • After operation by switch, the status in the Zigbee app may differ. The actuator reports the current status on request by the control panel (e.g. every 30 seconds for Philips Hue). However, this is not supported by all manufacturers.

  • In the manual you will find a circuit diagram for the connection to the mains. Please be sure to observe our safety instructions

Scope of delivery

In the scope of delivery you will find

  • 1 x shutter actuator

  • 1 x Operating instructions (DE/EN)

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